How We Began

Go Garlic began as a search for missing flavor and a question: Why don't grandma's recipes taste like they did when we were taught to make them? We ordered two different garlic cultivars and planted them in the vegetable garden. Amazed by the differences between them, and their impact on those old recipes, the next year we planted 6 varieties. Once again we were amazed. And, well, soon all the other vegetables gave way and garlic was the only thing planted in the garden.

When we started growing garlic, we never thought it would become one of the most interesting and challenging life journeys. But, it has and we've changed as a result.

We've out grown our garden and now have fields of garlic! To the best of our ability we practice sustainable organic farming techniques. Our fields are tested every year to ensure soil integrity and content. Not every type of garlic grows well in our climate so we usually have 2 or 3 test varieties growing each year. If they acclimate and do well (some cultivars have taken 3 years to do this) these test varieties will be included in the next seasons offerings.

In 2018, we made some physical changes that will enable us to become more efficient and capable of offering more products to our ever increasing customer base.

We altered our curing shed to provide for a climate controlled area to store our seed garlic and eventually store enough garlic to sell through the winter months. It’s not a super large area but it is a good start. We also included a work area where we now produce garlic braids, dehydrated garlic and some other seasonal specialty items.

We also built a new curing shed. Yeah, it's just another out building but we're very excited about it. This shed was built to perform a specific function - cure garlic.

The garden

The Fields

Remodeling and Construction


Since 2015, we've sold our garlic at local farmers' markets. Our customers have come to include restaurants, co-ops and folks in other states. We offer 8 to 12 different varieties of organically grown garlic each year. Our goal is to provide our customers with healthy, great tasting garlic varieties that enhance their family recipes.

The response to our efforts has been awesome. So much so, we began offering a monthly garlic only CSA in 2017. In addition to cured garlic bulbs and based on the growth cycle, we also offer green garlic, garlic scapes, braids, dehydrated garlic chips and powder.